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Irrigation kits

Precision irrigation is made possible by our customized irrigation kits that serve every particular crop you have which eventually leads to greater healthy yields.

Our dripline specifications

16mm diameter, 0.5mm wall thickness, 1.5 litres per hour flow rate.

Single line per bed


Double lines per bed

Cabbages, tomatoes, capsicum, pepper, broccoli, kales, spinach, lettuce.

3 lines per bed

Onions, capsicum, and carrots.


Plastic mulch

Plastic mulch conserves moisture, warms the soil and prevents nutrient leaching Weeds growth is limited by the prohibited light transmission especially by our black mulch.

Our plastic mulch is available in 60 and 80 microns with a width of 1 meter, 1.3 meters and 1.5 meters.



Button drippers

For trees, avocados, passion fruits, pawpaws, apples, bananas, mangoes, miraa, coffee etc, you need an irrigation system that emits water at a specific rate to individual plants.

Our button drippers emit 4 litres per hour to 8 litres per hour We have both adjustable and non-adjustable ones.


Dam liners

If our farmers are to rapidly improve the yields of rainfed crops, then water-related interventions like water harvesting and storage technologies have to be adopted and embraced.

We supply and install custom made dam liners that are UV treated.They are available in 0.5mm and 1mm thickness.