Surface Solar Pumps


Irri-Hub Ke Ltd provides you quality, efficient, reliable and affordable surface solar pumps ideal
for boosting your water from an existing reservoir.
The DC (Direct Current) solar system converts sun energy to DC which drives the pump’s
motor to generate suction of water from the surface storage. The systems advantages
range from long life expectancy, first and simple installation and idealness for remote
areas with harsh conditions.

Features of Surface Solar Pump

  • Maximum head – 15m
  • Maximum flow rate – 2000l per hour
  • Maximum suction head – 5m
  • Voltage – DC12V

Components Include:

  • Surface solar pump
  • 180W solar panel
  • 25mm HDPE pipe – 30m
  • Electric cable – 30m

COST – KES: 30,500/-

Points to note:

  • We provide free set up and delivery.
  • We DON’T sell the panel caging.

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