Shade-houses / Net Houses

Shade-houses / Net Houses

These are designed structures made from shade nets (link) Ideal for hot regions like Turkana and Garrisa.

For propagating seedlings or horticultural farming

Costs for different types

SizeCrops it can support (30cm spacing)Tank size ProvidedCosts (KES)
8m by 15m600500 liters290,000
8m by 24m9601000 liters380,000
8m by 30m12001000 liters450,000
16m by 30m24002000 liters840,000

The metallic shade houses/net houses come with:

  • Agroz insect – 40 mesh or shadenets 55% or 75%
  • Complete drip irrigation kits
  • Water tank
  • Galvanised poles
  • Entry porch
  • Crop support (at an additional cost)
  • Metallic tank stand (at an additional cost) 

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