Screen Houses

Screenhouses for BSF (Black soldier flies)

Organic waste comprosises of 80% of all garbage collected in the country which is a big challenge. To avoid getting carbon dioxide and methane during organic waste management, the best way to decompose it is using black solder flies (BSF) insects

The BSF has a simple lifecycle. The adult survives for only a week to mate and lay eggs

which become larvae. The larvae eats organic waste to produce organic fertilizer and the larvae is a good source of crude protein for animal feed.

BSF require to be kept in warm temperatures’ ranging between 28 – 35 degrees  


Our ideal approved greenhouse for BSF farming has:

  1. Entry porch
  2. Roll up side ventilation to control temperature inside the screenhouse
  3. Greenhouse polythene 200 microns (yellow/clear)
  4. Galvanised metallic structures ( 2O years warranty)
  5. White insect net

Specifications & Costs

Screen house size8m by 15m8m by 24m8m by 30m16m by 30m

Price in KES


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