Shade-houses / Net Houses

Shade-houses / Net Houses These are designed structures made from shade nets (link) Ideal for hot regions like Turkana and Garrisa. For propagating seedlings or horticultural farming Costs for different types Size Crops it can support (30cm spacing) Tank size Provided Costs (KES) 8m by 15m 600 500 liters 290,000 8m by 24m 960 1000 liters 380,000 […]
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Screen Houses

Screenhouses for BSF (Black soldier flies) Organic waste comprosises of 80% of all garbage collected in the country which is a big challenge. To avoid getting carbon dioxide and methane during organic waste management, the best way to decompose it is using black solder flies (BSF) insects The BSF has a simple lifecycle. The adult […]
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