Mulching Technology

Mulching technology – Mulching Paper

Plastic mulching, like traditional mulching, is essential in reducing evaporation losses and suppressing the growth of weeds among the crops. This is critical in providing ideal plant growth and development conditions in light of the changes in rain seasons and patterns. The application of plastic mulching leads to reduced production costs and increased crop yield on a large and small scale. Our plastic mulch paper is ideal for tomatoes, cabbages, cucumber, strawberries, maize and sunflowers. They support farming in controlled environments (greenhouses and outdoor farming). The mulching paper encourages faster germination of seeds and growth of the crops by raising soil temperatures to optimal requirements for breaking seed dormancy and allowing root respiration. Plastic mulching further increases nitrogen efficiency, thus heightening crop yield and production.


  •  Minimizes weed growth
  •  Prevents soil erosion
  •  Raises soil temperature
  •  Reduces evaporation
  •  Keeps diseases at bay.
  •  Improves nitrogen efficiency, thus enhancing the nutrient status of the soil


  • Colour – Silver black
  • Material – Low-density polythene
  • Width – 1.6 meters
  • Length – 50 meters
  • Gauge – 60 microns and 80 microns

Costs – Per Square Meter

60 microns – Ksh 40

80 microns – Ksh 55

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