Drip Button Systems

Drip Buttons Irrigation system

Irri-hub Ke offers Button Drippers ideal for irrigating fruit trees such as passion fruits, avocadoes, bananas, tree tomatoes, pawpaws, coffee and macadamia. The drip button micro-irrigation is also suitable for miraa (khat), forest trees and live fences (kayaba and bougainvillier). 

Irri-hub Ke sells adjustable and non-adjustable drip buttons. We offer technical guidance in selecting appropriate drippers that balance the crop water requirement against available water at the farm, influencing the irrigation frequency and duration.



An adjustable dripper allows the farmer to vary button discharge between 0 to 70 l/hr influencing spray coverage.

Minimal blocking incidences. The removable cover allows for easier cleaning of drippers. Spacing, from button to button, is set during installation. Hence, the farmer can tailor-make the spacing to his preference. Can use gravity water or pump driven

It can be used for watering crops in pots and containers in nurseries and landscaping using split outlets and many other flexible applications.


What Determines Your Quote

  • Plant to plant spacing
  • Row to row spacing
  • Length and width of the farm
  • Distance of the water source to the farm

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