Dam Liners

Dam liners

We supply and install dam liners of varied thicknesses (0.5mm, 075mm and 1mm) for the lining of water pans and ponds. This is a vital water harvesting technology as it prevents seepage losses of water through the pond wall and bottom surface.


What Is Rain Water Harvesting (RHW)

At Irri-Hub Ke, we recognize the imminent need to harvest and conserve rainwater. Climate change has yielded extreme and adverse disruptions of the rainy seasons and patterns as exhibited by prolonged dry seasons and extreme, unpredictable floods. Delayed or early rains are slowly becoming the norm, thus requiring adaptation.

Rainwater harvesting is thus collecting rainwater from surface runoff and storing it for future use.


Solution We Provide

Irri-hub Ke provides UV-protected polyethylene sheets of HDPE liners that are long-lasting and black. Our liners are highly resistant to tear, puncture and stress crack and guarantee longterm services. We recommend varied thicknesses depending on the size of the water pan and the overall smoothness of the pan interior 

Specifications & Costs

Damliner Gauge Surface type Cost implication / Per square meter Lifespan


Very smooth surfaces Kshs 250 15 years


A mix of smooth and rough surfaces Kshs 350 25 years


Very rough surfaces Kshs 400 50 years

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