Climate Smart Drip Kits

Climate Smart Drip Kits

Irri-Hub Ke provides smart drip irrigation kits that delivers required amount of water and nutrients to different crops without wastage. Our drip irrigation kits help farmers spend fewer resources while improving their yields

Components of our drip kits

Filter, Main pipes, sub main pipes, start connectors, take offs, rubbers, endliners, drip to drip connectors, long life driplines 16mm, ball valves, elbows, tees, endcaps, reducers, male adaptors, female adaptors, hdpe 16mm pipes, threadtapes and tangit

Our Packages

Drip line per meter squared

Size of Land 1 line per bed (KES) 2 lines per bed (KES) 3 lines per bed (KES) 4 lines per bed (KES)

1/8 acre - 500 sqm
(50ft by 100ft)

15,000 25,000 28,000 35,000

1/4 acre - 1000 sqm
(100ft by 100 ft)

30,000 42,000 52,000 65,000

1/2 acre - 2000 sqm
(165ft by 130ft)

45,000 66,000 76,000 85,000

1 acre - 4100 sqm
(208ft by 208ft)

80,000 135,000 165,000 180,000

Ideal drip line spacing

45cm 30cm/20cm 15cm 15cm

Ideal crops

Potatoes, watermelons Tomatoes, Cabbages, Kales, Spinach, Capsicum Onions, Garlic, Carrots Onions, Garlic, Managu, Kunde

Note: The bed sizes are 1 meter with Footpath of 0.5m from bed to bed

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