Agricultural Nets

1. Insect nets

Irri-hub ke offers UV-resistant insect nets designed to protect crops from damage caused by insects by keeping crop-harmful insects at bay while trapping beneficial insects within the structure. The white pigmentation of the nets serves to reflect light from the surface, thus deterring insects from settling on the surface. They ensure crops are insect-free hence preventing diseases or infections brought about by insects. They can be used in a greenhouse and net houses and contribute to about a 40% increase in crop yield while attenuating the need for applying pesticides by about 78%.

Insect net sizes

Width – 4 meters
Length – 50 meters
Color – Green
Cost - KES 75/- per square meter

2. Bird nets

Bird nets are a protection system that acts as a barrier against birds. The nets are UV treated to lengthen their lifespan under exposure to direct sunlight. Bird nets have enough space to allow pollinators such as bees and ladybirds to pass through. They, however, prevent birds from entering the cropped area and cause damage to trees, flowers and fruits. It is critical to have a bird net when venturing into strawberry, vegetable and apple farming. These nets function effectively without killing or causing any harm to birds.

Bird net sizes

Width – 4 meters
Length – 50 meters
Color – Green
Cost - KES 75/- per square meter

3. Shade nets

Shade nets protect crops from extreme climatic conditions like excess light, wind and rain. They are ideal for propagating seedlings and horticulture farming. Irri-hub Ke offers UVtreated shade nets of varied light transmission. The percentage on shade nets represents the percentage of light/heat being blocked, e.g. 75% shade net means 75% of light/heat is blocked, and only 25% is allowed in. Choice of the shading net is determined by the type of crop, age or development stage of the crop and climatic conditions of the area. 

Irri-hub ke offers shade nets of shading factors: 35%, 55%, 75% and 90% with black and green pigmentations.

Shade net sizes

Width – 4 meters
Length – 50 meters or 100 meters
Color – Black or Green

Protect against sunburn and abrasion.
They significantly improve produce quality and yields.
Physical protection against wind, hail and birds.

50% - KES 75/- per square meter
60% - KES 85/- per square meter
70% - KES 110/- per square meter
90% - KES 165/- per square meter

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