Onion Deal


Irri-Hub Ke Ltd has partnered with Onion Doctor, an entity proficient in onion farming, to provide you an affordable smart drip irrigation system for onions.
The shallow rooted onion crops have weekly water requirement of 1 inch.

To achieve this, frequent duration watering is more efficient than occasional long duration i.e water your onions for 30 mins to 1 hour after every two days rather than 3 hours once per week.

The aim is to ensure our farmers get better returns on investment by acquiring reliable drip irrigation system with quality seedlings.

About the Onion Seedling

  • Neptune variety
  • 20K to 160K seedlings provided depending on farm size
  • They are to be planted in three lines per bed for 1m wide bed
  • They take 3 months to mature
  • Nutrition program is provided

About the Drip Irrigation System
Comprises of:

  • Hdpe main pipe 32-50mm + fittings (depending on farm size)
  • 16mm drip line (15cm spacing)
  • Filtration unit 32-50mm (depending on farm size) – 1 piece
  • Venturi system for the 1 acre farm – (Fertilizer injector)
  • Installation and training

Points to note:

  • We DON’T provide market for the onions after maturity
  • We DON’T provide water tanks in the irrigation system
  • We DON’T provide transport of material from our offices in Nairobi

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