The cost is dependent on the farm size, type of system being installed and layout
No, we don't
Yes, 3 years warranty
We advise the farmer after conducting a field visit.
Rain horse, drip kit, drip button, sprinklers.
Irrigation is pivotal in overcoming rummaging effects of climate change on rainfed agriculture. It is literally applicable in all corners of the country.
KShs 2500 and transport to and fro Nairobi
Maintain the system by regularly cleaning, keep the system functioning at least 10 minutes every day during rainy season.
The cost per sqm varies with the shading factor the net.
Yes, we move across the country
We recommend 1 meter bed size with 0.5m spacing between the beds. However, you can adjust these spacing as per your preference.
No, but we link you with affordable transporters.
Dam liners, greenhouses, mulching paper, shade nets, bird nets, insect nets, sprinklers, drip kits, venturi systems.
No, but we guide on how it's supposed to be done.
No, but we have partnered with institutions that can help.
It’s a system used to induce water soluble fertilizer into irrigation water. This eliminates need to apply fertilizer to your crops separately
Drip kits, tank, crop support (optional)
Under the 2 drips per bed system, we have two drip lines running parallel on the bed while in the 3 drips per bed system, the drip lines are three. Difference lines in the separation distance between the drip lines which influences choice of crops to be propagated.